Fort Collins flower farmers. Owners of Bighorn Blooms Flower Farm.
Flower Farm Kids. Apprentice Farmers.
Alex - Fort Collins Florist
Matt. Flower farmer and florist. Owner of Bighorn Blooms.
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Member

ABout Bighorn blooms

Bighorn Blooms is a small flower farm and floral design studio located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We grow beautiful organic blooms and make them available to our community in a number of ways, everything from farmers markets to custom event design.

We grow, harvest, and arrange everything right in our own backyard. From our field to your vase in just hours. Seasonal ingredients, completely free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, just as Mother Nature intended. Our flowers don’t travel thousands of miles by truck or plane. Nothing is ever imported. Working with a local farmer-florist means greater affordability, fresher blooms, and minimal carbon footprint.

But our farm is more than just a place to grow flowers. For us, it’s a second chance. A new way of life. We wanted more time at home with family. We wanted less computer screens and more sunshine. We wanted to work with our hands. To create, and design, and cultivate beauty from the ground up. When you buy our flowers, you’re helping us be a healthier, happier family!


meet the family


Fort Collins farmer and florist standing in flower field.

Matt skillfully straddles two worlds. Super dad to his 3 young sons and flower farmer. One minute he’s designing cardboard box forts, the next minute he’s sowing seeds. Matt earned a degree from Illinois State University. But after a decade of working in a desk job, decided it was time for a life change. He’s been growing specialty plants and flowers for nearly 20 years, starting as an adolescent. But it was always just a hobby. Done on the side, when time allowed. Desiring more time with his children, a creative outlet, and more access to the outdoors, he converted his family’s home into a small flower farm. For some “small” might sound a bit lackluster. But in our eyes, “small” is definitely the way to go. To us, small means well-loved and highly-nurtured. Every detail of the farm is carefully managed. Using a variety of compact-farming techniques, Matt has been successful in harvesting a wide range of flowers on a modest plot of land. He grows everything from narcissus in early spring to chrysanthemums in fall. Although, the summer dahlias are the highlight of the season!

In 2019 he was awarded a Floret Workshop Scholarship, earning him a space in the 6-week intensive farmer-florist course. Being selected as a scholarship winner, from a pool of more than 3000 applicants, was a true honor. He is a current member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. And can be found at the Drake Road Farmers Market in Fort Collins, Colorado every Saturday beginning in late Spring.

Floret Farmer Florist Workshop Class of 2019 Badge


Florist at farmers market.

Alex met Matt 16 years ago, when she was a freshman at Illinois State University. Their shared love for live music is what brought them together. They spent their college days traveling around the Midwest - sometimes even farther - to see their favorites bands play. And while raising 3 boys has certainly impacted their ability to get out and about, they still try to catch a show every once in a while. Alex earned a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, and currently works full time at the local university. She enjoys working with students, helping them make the most of their educational journeys, but finds that flower farming and floral designing fulfill her need for a creative outlet. She’s crazy organized, a devoted mother, but most importantly, she’s the one who gave us permission to dig up the backyard!

Child at the flower farm.

the apprentice farmers:


Sage is 6 years old and adamant he’s never growing up because “it seems like a lot of work.” He is a master builder working in every possible material. Be it couch cushions, Legos, or recyclables - he can design and execute anything the mind can image. He’s an artist and a jokester. His intricate drawings and stick-figure comics are not to be overlooked. He’s sarcastic far beyond his years. He’s a strong advocate for the “living room dance party”. And his favorite food is sushi.


Kale is 4 years old. And while tiny for his age, has a big personality. He loves to talk. Your decision to initiate conversation should not be taken lightly. He has an imaginary friend always by his side. And they can often be found working on their imaginary computers together. He’s a connoisseur of puzzles. He’s been known to paint his face for those special occasions – like Monday or Tuesday. And if he could eat only one thing for the rest of his life, it would hands down be chocolate.


Rowan is 18 months old. The littlest brother in a 3 boys series. He’s got great role models to get him caught up to speed. Rowan is semi-nocturnal, much to this dismay of his parents. And a cat wrangler, much to the dismay of the cat. His favorite food is whipped cream. But he can also be pleased with a slice of cheese. He is the Wiggles official #1 fan. And his favorite pastime is accidentally shutting off the TV while someone else is watching it.

Son of the flower farmer.
Baby of the Fort Collins flower farm.