A single bucket of mixed flowers and foliage is $65 plus tax.


Each 2 gallon bucket contains 60-70 stems. Approximately half the stems will be foliage. The other half will be flower blooms. Buckets are sold as “growers choice.” Each bucket will be a mix of varieties, based on what’s in season and what’s in peak condition. Buckets will include large focal/premium blooms, medium sized secondary flowers, and smaller filler flowers, along with foliage.

Additional premium flowers (such as dahlias) can be added to any mixed bucket order.
Add-on flowers are sold in bunches of 5 stems. We will first confirm seasonal availability, and then provide a separate quote.
Please note that add-on flowers are NOT necessary for creating beautiful arrangements. They are simply an option for those couples with a more specific floral vision.


In general, DIY buckets are best for couples who embrace a more organic and natural look to their wedding, and like a lot of texture and color. We will do our best to accommodate color preferences and themes, however we cannot guarantee exact color palettes.


Each bucket will have enough material to build 6 small arrangements, 3-4 medium arrangements, or 2-3 large arrangements. Another way to think about it – is that each bucket can make 7-8 quart sized mason jar arrangements. Your design style will ultimately determine how many stems go into each arrangement.

We are a small flower farm and pour a whole lot of love into what we do. We give our undivided attention to our flowers and our clients. We don’t produce on a large scale. For this reason we work best with smaller weddings. There is no minimum bucket order required. However, we do have a maximum. We can typically accommodate up to 7 buckets of flowers.

The Hand Off

You can pick up the flowers 1-2 days prior to your event for no additional charge. Or we are happy to deliver for an additional fee. We can deliver to any location within a 75 mile radius.

Next Steps

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